Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking for a Better Fantasy Sports Experience - Join Hoops Dynasty

Are you a fan of fantasy sports but sick of the unrealistic nature of typical fantasy games?  Do you want to try your and at actual virtual coaching?  Hoops Dynasty puts you in the coaches seat starting at a DIII school.  You will recruit your players, set-up their skills based practice sessions, game plan each game and ultimately compete to progress up to a DI program.

I have been playing the game for years and I am completely addicted.  I long ago gave up typical fantasy sports because I completely lost focus on the games themselves while tracking stats of the individual players on my team.  Hoops Dynasty is a simulation game so it is not reliant on existing players at current teams.  Instead you submerse yourself in the experience of developing a college basketball program into a powerhouse.  You can compete in leagues with friends or against complete strangers, who become online friends.

If college football is more of your thing, you can also try Gridiron Dynasty, which is the same concept for college football.

If you are looking for a different fantasy experience, give Hoops Dynasty a try

Friday, August 15, 2014

Get Ready for Your 2014 Fantasy Football Draft

For many fantasy football managers, the 2013 season did not go as well as they had planned.  There is no better time to start planning for your 2014 fantasy football season, than right now!
And if you are the commissioner of your league, you are probably in charge of the draft.  In 2013, more than 25% of leagues decided to host a live draft party, and use a traditional draft board and labels. In 2014, we are hoping this number reaches 40%!
Hosting your own fantasy football draft can be an exciting event, if planned correctly. The first step in planning your draft party is buying the right draft kit.
Once you have your draft kit, you will then need to pick a spot to host the draft. Some people decide to have their draft at a local bar (Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, etc), while others simply pick a friends house. Wherever your draft is held, make sure there is enough food and beer!
Common mistakes that people make when choosing players in the draft:
Bye Week – Many fantasy football owners forget about the dreaded bye week, leaving them desperate for a 4th Running Back when their other 3 have the same bye week. The draft board and kit that you can purchase from the online store mentioned above will include the players bye week right on the color label.
Playoff Schedule – Did you draft a pretty decent team, only to find out you’re star players have to play against Seattle, San Francisco or Houston in the playoffs? Although teams playoff schedule (week 13-15) may not play a vital role in selecting your players, it’s certainly something to consider.
Buy a 2014 fantasy football draft kit from the link above and you’ll also get a free gift with your order. In 2013, over 5,000 classic beer coasters were given out, along with “Commish” Hats and T-shirts. 
To learn more about playing fantasy football online, head over to, or These three platforms are the top dogs when doing an online / remote draft. If you cannot host a party, or your league members are scattered across the country (or world), an online / remote draft will be your only option.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

PhuketFit Sports & Fitness Programs

Guest Post

“Travel to Thailand if you really want to LIVE”, this is what my friend Sally advised when she saw me struggle with an uncouth body weight, sluggish lifestyle, and on a path to NOWHERE! At the time, I was having a directionless existence and self-confidence below ground zero. When she told me about the existence of PhuketFit, I was naturally incredulous and skeptical at best.

But amazing it may sound, today I am a new person with a 360 degree change in appearance and attitude towards life, all thanks to my friend for her advice and of course – PhuketFit! So, what is it and how it helped me? It is an in-depth Nutrition and Training program aimed at reaching specific health and lifestyle goals scientifically so that the positive benefits stay long after the program ends.

This Fitness Program combines a variety of components for bringing positive changes such as;

Cleansing Procedures
Health Food
Yoga & Fitness Programs

PhuketFit helps you to lose weight, the SCIENTIFIC WAY! First comes, an enlightening guided tour of the establishment and facilities when you reach Thailand. After this, comes one-on-one Holistic Consultation that gave me an idea of the program and helped them to understand my requirements clearly. Do you know the best thing about PhuketFit? It offered a personalized program customized to MY body type and needs, and, naturally, it worked!

The Program
Five Day Cleanse
This involves flushing out the digestive tract with Juice Fast, Raw Food, or Full Fast programs.

Weight Loss
It is a personal training program involving yoga, TRX suspension, and circuit training.
Rejuvenation & Relaxation

I loved my stay in Thailand with its relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere complete with long walks on the beach and activities. These recharged me and gave me the confidence to go on and achieve my fitness goals.

Weight Loss Diet
It was surprising that the weight loss food at the facility was nutritious without being bland or monotonous. NO CRASH DIETS, NO massive restrictions on calorie intake, the program was all about eating right and this achieved REAL results!

No wonder I lost 100 pounds flat, went on from being 18-20 size to an unbelievable 4-6, and turned into a NEW WOMAN altogether. So, when I came back some of my friends couldn’t even recognize me and Sally gushingly said, “I told you so!” Today, I recommend PhuketFit to everybody!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazy About Sports & Fitness?

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We are too! That’s why EDI, LLC has created an online sports & fitness superstore that has all your favorite sports teams and fitness products all under one house. Visit us online at to browse our entire collection.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Quick Tips to Playing Better Tennis

Tennis although a complicated sport, can be mastered by taking gradual steps to improving both technical and tactical gameplay. We’re going to look at 5 quick tips that any player can use to improve their game over time.
Tennis Lessons Sydney ( looks at the following 5 steps in order to become a better player.
1.     Look to be more active between shots: if you’re feet aren’t moving then, you’re going to be hitting shots out of your comfort zone. Make sure you’re on your toes, split stepping between shots so that you’re in position to hit a great job.
2.     Hit the ball out in front of you: if you’re hitting your shots in line with your body, or worse behind your body, you won’t be hitting the stroke in the optimal position. Make sure you hit the ball nicely out in front and also imagine trying to hit the ball earlier than what’s possible.
3.     Keep your head down as you hit the shot – if you’re hitting the shot and lifting during the shot you’re going to frame the ball and make mistakes. By keeping your head steady you’ll hit a much more effective shot that will be more powerful and heavy.
4.     Get down as you hit the shot – make sure you get down by using your legs and bending as you hit the shot. Load-off the back foot and strike through the shot as effectively as you can. By doing this you’ll generate more topspin and hit a very difficult shot for your opponent, which will inevitably push them back in the court.
5.     Play your strengths against their weaknesses – study and identify your opponent as you play. Figure out what their weaknesses are and try to hit to them, using your strengths, such as a forehand to a backhand.
By taking these simple steps, you’ll see drastic improvements in your tennis game; this is because they 5 steps are at the foundational core of being a great tennis player.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

How Much is a Soccer Player Worth?

Who are the world’s most valuable soccer players?

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is around the corner and although each of the players in the 32 teams that are participating have to prove their worth, there are some who are considered more valuable than others. has caught the soccer fever and released an interactive infographic of the world’s most valuable soccer players by position, ranked according to their performance, seniority, and of course – salaries.

According to the infographic, Lionel Messi of Argentina has attained the coveted top spot, with a salary of R 227,910,016.00 and an impressive 27 goals behind his belt, and whilst Cristiano Ronaldo comes a close second in terms of performance value, he shouldn’t be too heart-broken about his ranking – the Real Madrid midfielder takes home a cool R300-million every year.

As for top clubs, Bayern Munich and Barcelona has by far the most appearances in the top 100 – 11 of their players have been named on the list.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Offensive Fundamentals Make the Football Scheme Work


Offensive Fundamentals Make the Football Scheme Work

When it comes to succeeding on the offensive side of the ball – scheme is only half the battle. It's also important that offensive players be well-tuned in the technical aspects of the game. With a steady focus on football drills and proper fundamental refinement, coaches can make the most of the athleticism they have on the offensive side of the ball.

Passing Fundamentals – Succeed Through the Air

The passing game has become a prolific part of many (if not most) teams' offensive schemes. It’s simply not common to find a football team – especially when you get to the JV and varsity levels – who don’t place at least some emphasis on getting first downs through the air. Some coaches and players find out the hard way that it’s not as easy as the Texas Techs and Green Bay Packers of the world make it look. The intricate art of passing the football is a matter of footwork and muscle memory in the throwing arm that can only be honed with repetition of the right technique. The most efficient way to hone these skills is to practice drills for arm strength, accuracy and properly reading a defense in order to make a well-advised throw.

Catching the Football – A Case for Hands Drills

It’s simply astonishing how many stellar athletes can't succeed at the skill positions – the wide receiver position, in particular – because they aren't able to consistently catch the football. Many young football players think that having good hands is an innate quality and neglect the impact that proper technique and practice can have on catching ability. They do so at their own peril, because many of the best receivers in college and the pros have testified that repetition and hard work is what has given them the ability to make those highlight reel catches. These guys have spent years honing their fundamentals – most likely through consistent, focused training intended to improve their hand strength, finger softness and hand-eye coordination.

Blocking Your Way to a Championship

Easily the most important fundamental on the offensive side of the football, everything behind the line of scrimmage falls apart if the linemen are lacking in their preparation or efficiency. While pass blocking and run blocking often require different respective mindsets, both are equally important when it comes to establishing a balanced offensive attack. Without the proper technique, a lineman can be easily bullied or maneuvered on the gridiron, leaving skills players to fend for themselves. Perhaps the most technical of all the football positions, solid offensive line play starts with focused practice of the proper drills and fundamentals involving leverage, technique and footwork that enable them to make the most of their size and strength.
An offensive unit well-versed in the can focus on executing their assignments rather than having to think about routine maneuvers – ultimately leading them to victory.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sailing Around the World on a Luxury Yacht Charter - Surfing in Bali

Depending on how good a surfer you are, Bali offers an endless variety of surf spots for any wave rider. From gentle beach breaks ideal for beginners, to world class barreling waves which plays host to international surf competitions, the island paradise - a great spot for your yacht charter holiday to alight at purely for its setting, is also a must for any plank rider.

You can find lots of online details for this destination and websites like y.achts not only offer charter services but printable guides.

Kuta Beach

If you are new to riding waves, and is keen to learn the skill, the best place to start would be Kuta beach. Situated near the tourist and nightlife center of the island province, the breaks at Kuta beach is where most beginners learn the basics of wave riding.

And if safety is a concern of yours, Kuta beach has a number of lifeguard stations in case the undertow gets the better of you after a wipe out.

Canggu Beach

If Kuta beach is too tame for your liking, then
Canggu beach might offer a better challenge. Situated 30 minutes away from Kuta beach, Canggu offers a more diverse set of breaks. Canggu has rolling waves well suited for beginners and long boarders as well as fast breaking ones for more advanced riders. Be sure to check the surf forecast though as the breaks at Canggu can sometimes be pretty intense.

As for its vibe, Canggu’s is far more “quiet” compared to that of Kuta. There are only a few stalls that sell snacks, so it is better to bring your own supplies. Or you could just set anchor and paddle into the beach from the deck of your own private yacht.

Keramas Beach

This beach is located in Sanur and was a secret surf spot years ago. Now, it is one of the more popular surf destinations in Bali.

Keramas has a reef-breaking wave and is one of a handful of right breaks in Bali. If you are a beginner, this is not a spot for you. The barreling waves at Keramas has played host to several local and international competitions and is only for professionals.

Any beginner attempting to ride these waves might have more than his/her ego bruised. But if you think that your skills are enough to conquer them, you need to wake up really early to get your dose of adrenalin as the spot can easily get crowded. Also, you need to be aware that the end section of the ride somewhat shallows out and is home to numerous sea urchins.

Keramas, being a bit isolated makes it less touristy and the usual people you would see there are typically other surfers. So if you want to ride your first world-class wave, Keramas is the place to pop your cherry.

Bali a great tourist destination

The beaches in Bali are enough to entrap any tourists cruising around on their luxury yacht charter - not only are the beaches luxurious but so to is the food. The surfing is just a bonus.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Winter Cup? - Apparently Peter Hargitay Was Right

December is far from the beautiful months of June and July and 2010 was even farther away from the the year 2022, and more particularly the World Cup of football. But still, football fans from all over the world had their thoughts on the beautiful game and the World Cup that would be played in 2022. Shock came from the news out of Zurich that Qatar, a tiny country in the middle east was awarded the opportunity to host the wondrous tournament. Even more disappointed and confused, were those fans from Australia, who had reason to believe they would win the right to host.

Australia spent an estimated 45 million USD on the bid to host the World Cup, yet they only received one vote and were eliminated from the running quite early. A key force behind the Australian World Cup bid was
Peter Hargitay, who was hired to strategize the bid for Australia, as he is a high-level contact to many people who voted for the bids at FIFA. Australia seemed like the perfect host for the World Cup, as June and July fall during the country's comfortable winter months. But when the news came out of Zurich, the voters apparently thought differently, instead electing to have Qatar host the World Cup of 2022. 

in his interview to ESPN Mr Hargitay noted that there are many that are confused as to why the tiny country that faces extremely high temperatures in June and July, would be awarded the tournament. Many figures around football have come out and stated the fears for players and fans to go through such dangerous levels of heat. There are copious amounts of information that leaves several people opposed to the tournament being played there, including the nation not having proper infrastructure and overall lack of football being played there. 

Despite the drama, FIFA has not officially announced any notion to move the World Cup of 2022 away from Qatar. The weather in Qatar is simply not favorable to be played during June and July, thus meaning it would have to moved closer to November or December. Michel Platini, Uefa President, has stated his concern for the tournament to be played in the hot desert heat, and would prefer a move to November or December for the tournament. Peter Hargitay, and many other also believe a move in the date of the World Cup is necessary if it is to be played in Qatar. Many questions are still to be answered, especially considering many football leagues throughout Europe and elsewhere run during November and December normally. 

Questions will continue to be asked, including those out of Australia, who spent loads of money hoping and thinking 2022 would be the year of the World Cup to be played in the land down under. Alas, only time will tell if the World Cup will be played in Qatar in 2022, and until then, one can only hope that answers begin to come regarding the confusion as to why the small desert country in the middle east, won the rights from FIFA.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Three NFL Teams Primed to Rebound in 2014

 From the moment the NFL Regular Season concludes, uncertainty becomes a reality and many teams begin their rebuilding process. The teams that miss out on the playoffs officially begin their offseason strategy, with some firing their unsuccessful coaches on Black Monday. Once the playoffs finish, we have the Combine, Free Agency, and NFL Draft to look forward to. With the draft still ahead, here are five times primed to rebound in 2014.

Houston Texans

The owner of the Texans, Bob McNair, managed to pry Bill O’Brien away from Penn State to replace Gary Kubiak as head coach. O’Brien has built on his offensive coordinator experience with the New England Patriots by spending the past two years as a head coach in the collegiate ranks.

O’Brien’s offensive experience and the defensive talent of the Texans, namely JJ Watt, will help Houston to be competitive again in the near future. Plus, the Texans have the number one overall pick in the draft and will likely take the game-changing Jadeveon Clowney.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars managed to win four games in the second-half of 2013, giving the team a record of 4-8. That performance signified enough improvement for owner Shad Khan to give head coach Gus Bradley another season in 2014.

Bradley and general manager David Caldwell have acquired Super Bowl-winning Seahawks to bring championship-caliber players to Jacksonville. Then when you toss in their number three pick in the draft, the Jags can inject further quality.

Atlanta Falcons

Feasibly, you could make a case for the Detroit Lions deserving a place in this trio. But the Falcons simply have too many elite talents to not return to a winning record in 2014. Following five-straight winning seasons, Mike Smith’s Falcons slumped to a 4-12 record.

Even with the scheming of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the Falcons couldn’t paper over the cracks. Two-time NFL Executives of the Year Thomas Dimitroff has sought fill those lines by bringing in D-linemen Paul Soliai and Tyson Jackson. The general manager will also have the sixth overall pick in the draft to further enhance the roster.

Best of the Rest

The Lions are going to win games next season because of Matt Stafford, Megatron, Joique Bell, and the newly acquired Golden Tate. Lovie Smith is a solid bet to turn the Bucs around quickly and the Giants can only play better in 2014. Resurgent teams make for great wagers in Vegas and AC – or at the web’s best online casinos. Let’s hope for another interesting season in the NFL.