Sunday, October 21, 2007

Best Rivalry Slogans

Football is in full swing and basketball is on the way. So its a good time of year to highlight some of the most creative Rivalry T-Shirts.

If you find other cool ones feel free to comment them in, but keep them relatively clean or I won't allow them.

Sorry Dookies, but you appear the most popular team to hate and there were just so many choices.

Flush A Dookie Ash Grey T-Shirt

K Sucks White T-Shirt

Hating Duke Women's T-Shirt

Duke Sucketh Bumper Sticker

Kentucky We put the sin in co Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Kentucky Ash Grey T-Shirt

Muck Fichigan Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Screw Blue Ash Grey T-Shirt

Real Coaches Dont Wear Sweate Ringer T

trOJan T-shirt

Other good ones but that I could not copy in an image:

I was IN Ann Arbor last night

I love the smell of roasting Gator in the morning

If you have some others, please feel to comment them in.


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