Thursday, November 15, 2007


While the official statement is the "Kobe deal with the Bulls" is dead, we all know it can quickly be revived. Jack McCallum's does a nice piece on this drama in the latest SI and concludes that extended losing by either or both of these clubs could stoke the fire of these talks.

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I have been in favor of a potential trade as long as it excluded Luol Deng, who is the Untoucha-Bull on this team. Deng has the potential to be special, he is blessed with a great length for a 6'9" guy (long arms). His stats have improved nicely over his first 3 seasons and he averaged 18.8 pts, 7 rebs and 2.5 assists per game last year.

I was not aware that Kobe was also aware of Deng's special abilities. Apparently Kobe also made Deng remaining with Chicago as a part of any deal. That is great news for Bulls fans. Paxson has also made it clear that he has no interest in trading Deng.

Hopefully, a deal will arise that gets Kobe to Chicago. It would be very fun to watch Kobe and Deng become a "new edition" of Michael and Scotty.

Fill in some pieces around them (several of which would remain after a deal) and I think the Bulls might have something special again. Here's to hoping that they pull it off.

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With Malice said...

That would make a nice team...

However, I can guarantee you that the Lakers will not sell Kobe off in a fire-sale. Cannot see the Lakers agreeing to anything that doesn't include both Deng AND Gordon.

Add to that, not so sure that Kobe's that keen to go there any more...
The Bulls have been revealed for what they are: a jump-shooting team that's reliant on an undersized (overpaid), old center that relied on athleticism that's no longer there.