Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Loving Feast Week

I plan to make my Final Four predictions at the end of Feast Week on Sunday. But can everyone agree this has been one of the most exciting November's in memory? Last nights MSU vs Mizzou game was a barnburner. Kudos to Coach Mike Anderson at Missouri. I love your the pressing fast action style you have brought to Mizzou. Should make for some renewed rivalries in the Midwest.

If anyone doesn't believe senior leadership is important in this new "diaper dandy dominated" college hoops era, did not watch that game last night. MSU kept their poise despite a late onslaught by the Tigers. They hit their free throws and did not make stupid mistakes. With five returning starters, senior leadership and Coach Izzo, MSU definitely deserves to be in the Final Four discussion.

UCLA has been outstanding this young season, but they have not truly been tested yet. Tonight's game against MSU will be a doozy. The winner of this game definitely will have sealed a spot in my Final Four selections.

Another intriguing match-up tonight is the Duke-Illinois game in Maui. Both teams are incredibly athletic and play up-tempo offense and unrelenting defense. Should be a fun one to watch. This will be Duke's first real test of the year and it will be interesting to see how the 8 McD AAs on this team gel. If Illinois can pull off the upset, it will likely catapult this under-rated team into the Top 25.

Oh yeah and let's not forget Marquette vs. Oklahoma State, the other game in Maui. Marquette is looking to prove that its #13 ranking is deserved. After a minor scare against last night Marquette takes Oklahoma State tonight. Okie State was already upset this young season by North Texas, so it is a question mark how good this team is. I expect to win this one fairly easily but if anything is clear this young season...you just never know!

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Big Head said...

Coaches wearing flowered shirts and shorts? Gotta be Thanksgiving in Maui!

Being a Midwest guy, I was fired up for the CBE Classic. Good tourney, and I wished it got a little more pub. Then again, Great Alaskan Shootout and Maui Invite are the two Thanksgiving tourneys.