Saturday, January 12, 2008

Roy Hibbert for Three

Never thought I would have heard that one. Great shot, great game and great win for the Hoyas over UConn today.

Couple observations in this one:

1. The vaunted UConn/Georgetown Rivalry of old is back!! These are two great programs that had been down for a few years and it is great to see them both back.

2. UCONN may be the most underrated basketball team in the country. They are very good. Great young guard play, intimidation and size inside. This was the first full game I had seen of them this year but they are very good. I would expect to see them in the Top 25 by the end of the year. They played very well in the face of a "nasty loud crowd".

3. Roy Hibbert for three. As I watched the ending I am wondering why Hibbert was so far out on the perimeter with only 10 seconds remaining. Why wasn't he cutting to the basket to slam home the go ahead basket. I am sure the UCONN coaches were wondering the same thing and felt really good seeing him with the ball beyond the arc. The defense played it perfectly. Tie game and the 7 footer has the ball beyond the arc, leave him wide open to take the shot. That is where you want the shot to come from. Then he drains it. Beautiful shot and nothing but net --- ouch!


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Hard to imagine Uconn as underrated, but its true

Ian said...

I think everyone was shocked when he shot that 3. Thabeet was way down in the lane preparing for the rebound.

Still a good game for the Huskies. Hopefully this near miss will give them better confidence as the season goes.