Saturday, March 8, 2008

UNC - Duke -- The real story is horrible officiating

Absolutely these were two of the best teams in the country (btw, I have been on Duke's bandwagon since they were unrated early in the season). Absolutely this game was loaded with some of the most talented college hoops players in the nation. Absolutely it was an incredibly hard fought battle by both teams. And in the end, I think the best team won tonight.

However, the real story here was the absolute horrible officiating by this ACC officiating team. The media talks about the Big Ten being the black and blue conference but this was ridiculous tonight.

The referees absolutely swallowed their whistles tonight and the hacking underneath was unbelievable. Only 28 total fouls called all night? What?? And a number of those were intentional end of the game fouls. Hansborough (the leader in free throw shots in the ACC) never gets to the line -- What? Did you see the scratches all over the guys arms and face?

I will say this -- the lack of calls was at least balanced on both ends of the court -- what a circus. The pace of the game is what kept it entertaining. But otherwise it was tough to watch a game as guys were getting physically knocked to the ground on every possession with zero foul calls.

I understand "letting guys play" but when it takes away from the nature of the game, things are far too extreme. I hope this is not a trend we see in the NCAA tournament, because frankly it is bad for college basketball.


BB Fan said...

Absolutely the poorest officiated game I have seen in quite a while, and I watch a lot of Duke games. I think the calls were balanced over all, but, it was Hansborough who was declared an open target by the officials' incompetance. The officials should be indentified and rebuked the next time they do a game. Come on, Dickie V., stop blathering about High School coaches and give us the background of these guys who don't know the game.

Laurie D said...

Easy on the referees, guys. There could have been a directive from the coordinator of officials or the league about how the game was called. Duke/Carolina was for an ACC title, for seeding and for pride - I say let them fight it out. The best team did win, however, "letting them play" favored Carolina because of personnel and their balanced inside-outside attack. Duke couldn't hang with the bangers inside and it hurt them.