Saturday, May 3, 2008

Needed: Talented Walkons for Once Proud Basketball Program

I really like Tom Crean and I think he is just what Indiana needs a coach with a lot of integrity and gritty record of success. In his first major move with the university, he has maintained that integrity by standing by Dan Dakitch's decision to kick Armon Bassett and JaMarcus Ellis off of the Indiana team.

While this decision will make year one ugly to watch, it shows the university's resolve to put the Sampson era, and his thug players, behind them. These brats, with their "walkout" antics after Sampson was fired, don't deserve scholarships. It will be interesting to see what program wants to take a risk on them in the future --- I am guessing it won't be a strong basketball program and may not even be DI.

In other IU news, freshman Center Eli Holman lost his mind and decided to transfer rather than play for a coach that is head and shoulders better than his cheating predecessor. But not only that, he also decided to throw a "grade school" style temper tantrum that prompted a police escort from the building. Way to go out with a bang and really market yourself for another future program!!

As a Big Ten fan, I am very happy to see IU bring closure to the Sampson era and re-establish a basketball program we can respect again.

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Kurt W said...

Doin' a great job...just wanted to let you know I'm back up and running at SEC Hoops: The Good. The Bad. The Dirty.

Keep up the good work!