Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Basketball

Temperatures are up, vacationing students are laying around pools and lounging in front of TVs, baseball is in full swing and the Arnold Palmer (ice tea and lemonade) is the drink of choice. However, in gyms across America something else is happening...sophomore and junior basketball players are becoming leaders.

The college coaches are precluded from working with their players during these summer months. But last May, they sat down with each of their players and told them what they needed to work on this summer to succeed in the coming year. They also sat down with their future leaders and talked about leadership, that it starts in the summer with work ethic and determination -- lead by example and the younger players will follow.

You might think that college hoops starts in October, but the fall's best teams are developing right now. The teams that will excel have sophomores and juniors that are emerging as leaders. They are the first to the gym and the last to leave. They are hounding their teammates to play hard, working on teamwork, footwork and defense. They are not letting anybody slack off during these dog days of summer -- there is no sunscreen for these warriors.

March's final four teams are forming right now -- without a coach in site. It is those teams, willing to work like dogs this long hot summer, that will grab the brass ring next spring.

Is your favorite team working hard this summer? I hope so.

I sure know mine is!!