Sunday, May 24, 2009

Check out the Music Stylings of the Dirty Heads

So basketball season is over so I thought I would take a little time to write up a review on one of my favorite bands. They are not well known so hopefully, I will also be enlightening you on the Dirty Heads.

The Dirty Heads are a Rap/Reggae/Hip Hop quartet from Huntington Beach, CA. The first popped up on the radar with Stand Tall, a hip reggae/ska tune on the Surf's Up soundtrack in 2007. That tune alone was worth the the price of the soundtrack. Later that year they made a limited release 5 track album. Luckily, I grabbed it on Amazon right when it came out because shortly thereafter they disappeared from all the major online music download services.

But GREAT NEWS, the Dirty Heads are back with a new release Any Port in the Storm, which includes all the songs from the first limited release album plus several additional tracks.

The Dirty Heads definitely have a unique sound blending rap and hip hop with traditional reggae and ska stylings. However, if I was pushed I would say the most direct comparison would be Sublime or 311. However, they also have some of the mellower blendings of an Unkle Kracker or Jason Mraz.

Driftin is my favorite song on the album and possible my favorite song of this decade. It is one of their mellower offerings with a blending of rap, reggae and some country rock flair. I dare you to try not to sing along with this one.

Here is Driftin' from youtube -- Enjoy.

My second favorite song isEverything I'm Looking For. Its a feel good song that puts a smile on your face and hop in your step. They included Stand Tall on this album and if you have not heard it, it will also jump to the top your playlist. It has much more of a ska feel to it with the a bouncy hip hop feel.

Other good songs from the original limited release album include Easy and Morning Light.

But I was very happy with the addition of new songs on the latest release. Chelsea is a touching song about about the loss of either a sister or girlfriend. It is an introspective song that will getting you thinking about the one's you love in your life.

I also really like Check the Level which has a bit more of a hip hop feel but is an inspirational song for anyone that has ever been an outcast from the "in crowd".

I highly recommend that you download this album. I think you will be very happy with the purchase. I also suggest that you buy your music from Amazon because it can be transferred without limitation between music platforms. There is nothing worse than buying music from Apple then losing it when you migrate to a new computer. Amazon's downloads easily integrate directly into iTunes.

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