Monday, November 23, 2009

Best Game of the Year so Far

The Purdue Tennessee game tonight was a real slugfest of two very good teams. It felt more like March than November. Both teams played great defense but each were still able to display their outstanding offensive abilities -- Purdue with great ball movement and deadeye shooting and Tennessee with great athleticism and drives to the basket.

The game came right down to the wire and in the end Purdue pulled it out by 1 point on a last minute missed three by Wayne Chism.

However, as good as these teams were -- and I think both of them could reach the FF in March -- they both have a glaring weakness that they will need to address to reach the promised land.

Purdue - As good as Kramer is at defense and hustle, it is very difficult to leave a player on the court for 30+ minutes that is not an offensive threat. It gives opponents too much defensive flexibility to overplay Hummel, Johnson and Moore. If Lewis Jackson is able to come back by March that may solve the problem but that remains unclear at this point.

Tennessee - As long and athletic as Tennessee is, at times they are a very undisciplined team. Part of their offense clearly is to play loose and drive the lane often. However, they also revert to street ball quite a bit. The drive and dish becomes sloppy and ends in turnovers or very poor shots. I like there scrappy defense but don't think they can win it all without better discipline on offense.

Overall though, it was a quite a game. Congrats to the tourney MVP E'Taun Moore who ended with 22 pts and also to Tennessee's Chism who played outstanding all game finishing with 24 pts.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cover of Viva La Vida by the Dirty Heads

I have talked about these guys in the past, in their own songs they combine reggae, rap and hip hop to provide a great sound. Here they have reggae'd up Viva La Vida, and frankly I like this version than the original. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That's what I'm Talkin Bout

Kentucky's freshman backcourt get a lot of play, but for my money I like the Illini's dynamic freshman duo of Brandon Paul and DJ Richardson. In the first two games of the season, Paul has poured in 22 and 20 points respectively. He is shooting .571 from 3 point land and making very smart decisions on offense. He has great athletic ability, can and does drive the lane and has added 3.5 rebounds per game (proving his hustle).

DJ Richardson came in as a known defensive specialist but he has averaged 9.5 points per game shooting .500 from the field. He drives to the basket consistently and has averaged 6 free throw shots per game (sorely missing from last year's Illini squad). He also has averaged 3.5 assists per game. Oh, and then there is this...

The future and the "here and now" look bright in Champaign!! Don't rule these guys out for a run to the Sweet 16 or even Elite 8 in March.