Monday, May 17, 2010

Calipari and James to the Bulls?

As a lifelong Bulls fan, that is a very intriguing headline. As readers know I am not a Calipari fan, however my disdain for him is entirely related to the college game -- recruiting, academics, etc. I think he is a decent game coach and could be a good fit for the bulls. I do find Calipari a bit too focused on offense, as defense wins championships in basketball, however, I think that is also a function of the young teams that he has had at Memphis and Kentucky.

One thing is for sure, getting Lebron James and pairing him with Derrick Rose would be a major coup for the Bulls. Of all the teams discussed in the James lottery, the Bulls seem the most ready to slot him in for a legitimate shot at a championship. The bulls greatest weekness is at the #4. With Rose, they have one of the best young PGs in the game and both Deng and Rose are legitimate scorers that will keep teams honest in defensive schemes. With Noah growing into one of the best young rebounders, all the pieces are in place to slot in James and his unique skills.

Regarding Calipari, the NBA is the perfect place for his skill set. He has proved that he can get along with "big personalities" and has already coached Rose with great success. He and James appear to have a bond that has assisted Calipari in his recruiting efforts at Kentucky. In the NBA, Calipari will not have to worry about recruiting violations, academics or any of the other areas that have gotten him in trouble in the college game.

I think as an NBA coach for the Bulls, I can put aside my animosity and get behind Calipari if that is the price to be paid to win the James lottery!

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