Monday, May 3, 2010

More Proof that the NBA's 19 Age Rule is a Farce

I really enjoyed reading this article on the Kentucky basketball team's grades; worst ever for a Kentucky squad and 4 were below the 2.0 Mendoza line needed to play the following semester. Of course, we all know that does not matter because none of these kids intended to stay in school.

Is this really what the NBA intended -- basically have kids come to campus to play for 1.5 semesters, blow-off their classes and leave school with GPAs of 1.7.

Crazy!! What good does this serve? We might as well let these kids join the NBA or send them to Europe for a year. There is absolutely no reason for them to pretend to be attending school.

As I have said many times before, it is no surprise these players are at Kentucky. Calipari has proved that he does not care about education but he is the king of getting the one and done players to join him. It is clear his marketing pitch is all about basketball and he makes it very clear that he does not care if they attend class.

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