Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rickett's Family already Screwing up Cubs Ownership

I am a lifelong, suffering Cubs fan. I love Wrigley Field and part of that charm is the rooftop decks across the street on Sheffield and Waveland Avenues. Watching a game from a rooftop building is a unique event in sports. Many companies host private parties at these rooftop venues and I think they trump typical stadium suite offerings.

So the former owners entered into a lengthy fight with the city and rooftop owners threatening to put up shading and signs that would block the rooftop views. Ultimately, the parties compromised and entered into a long-term agreement whereby the rooftop owners would pay a portion of their revenue to Cubs ownership in exchange for continued viewing access to the games.

As a result, rooftop venues have proliferated and there are now over 20 venues. Additionally, many of the owners poured money into their facilities to upgrade the experience for fans. Frankly, many of the venues are like very upscale sports bars.

Well, in walks the Ricketts family. In the press, they say they love the Cubs and Wrigley Field. They want to maintain its charm and "uniqueness". But their first major course of action -- putting up large billboards in outfield that will block the viewing for some of the rooftop venues!!!!

What gives? What happened to maintaining the charm of Wrigley? What happened to assuming the multi-year agreements with rooftop owners?

The Cubs has been a highly profitable franchise for many years, largely because fans will come to the ballpark --- whether the Cubs win or lose. Lets be honest, we the fans love the Cubs because of the charm of Wrigley. The players come and go and we remember very few of them. I could care less who the owners are and I really don't care that much if they win!! I love the Cubs because I love the charm and uniqueness of Wrigley Field.

Change that and I am no longer a Cubs fan. Ricketts family, you have been warned.


Anonymous said...

I could care less what wrigley looks like as long as they make the playoffs. If the ad brings in revenue for the team, I'm all for it. You call yourself a cub fan?

WeirdRash said...

I am a lifelong fan. Yes I would love for them to win the World Series but I am not going to stop being a fan if they don't. However, if they dramatically change Wrigley Field and ruin the experience, then I will stop being a fan. I am more about the experience than the current team. Sorry, that is just how I feel.