Thursday, July 8, 2010

I feel Like I Have Had a Lebronotomy

Are we serious here -- a one hour selection show tonight on ESPN?!! Really? And having said that, you bet I will be tuned-in. What a crazy story in a crazy offseason.

It looks less and less likely that he selects Chicago -- which still gives him the best chance to win multiple Championships -- but I really could not say definitively where he is going. And maybe that is the most amazing part of this story...

...How has the Lebron camp kept this thing a secret in the age of twitter, facebook and blogs? How has one person in the know, NOT spilled the beans? Think about it, nobody can keep a major secret in the age of the internet -- mergers are leaked, break-ups get out and of course every interesting video ends up on Youtube.

Maybe James really has not decided yet -- that would be crazy. Waiting until 2 minutes before the show to decide. Really? Wow.

The whole thing just blows my mind. And clearly others too. Here is the best piece I have read on the whole affair, by Bill Simmons of ESPN.

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