Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kudos to the NCAA Investigation Team -- Now Please Close the Deal

It used to be that the big programs were untouchable by the NCAA investigators -- well them days are gone!! And good riddance to them. In college basketball, we currently have investigations underway at University of Connecticut, University of Tennessee and University of Kentucky. In the last, two years Indiana University was slapped with sanctions and there are rumors swirling about a possible investigation at University of Kansas.

Clearly, no team is off limits and that is great news for cleaning up college basketball. However, none of it means anything unless they make the critical change and start penalizing the COACH -- not just the school.

That is a critical step, we need to ban these coaches from college athletics -- I would suggest 2 year for first proven sanctions and lifetime for a second strike.

The investigations are a joke if we just let a tool like Calipari just jump from team to team every time he gets caught.

Great first step NCAA, but please take the next step and close the deal!!