Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Ranking Site is Growing Fast

I have not been blogging as often as I should of late, largely because I am caught up with my new favorite site on the web, Rankography movies, a movie ranking website. I enjoy ranking movies and discovering great movies at the site.

The site launched mid last year and now there are over 300 movie categories with film rankings on the site. The site also has lots of movie bloggers as members and my Netflix queue has been filling up as I browse through their movie rankings.

They also create Composite Rankings for categories with at least 5 member rankings. These blended rankings are a quick way to see the best movies in a given movie category. There are now over 400 movie categories which have been created by members and you can browse top ten movies from each member that ranked that category.

Here are some of the Composite Movie Rankings for my favorite film categories:

Best Scary Movies
Greatest Animated Movies
Vampire Films
Jim Carrey Films
Gangster Films
War Movies

Also check out the Squidoo lens of the Best Jim Carrey Films from the RG rankings.