Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Congratulations UConn!

Okay so my final four picks were a disaster, but then again everyone's picks were a miss this year. However, I did predict UConn would win the National Championship and for that I am going to take credit today.

Great run to Kemba, Calhoun and the boys. While I don't like everything Calhoun does, he does get his guys ready to play basketball, they believe in themselves and they go on to play well at the next level.

Congrats Huskies.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Increase your Deep Links with Social Bookmarking

Deep links are so important to any SEO project because usually the deep links are your money-making pages. Rarely does a website do most of its business on the main page. Yet, the deep links are the hardest ones to develop. Most directory sites only allow links to main pages and the few that do allow them do not add up to enough to make a serious difference.

Many people pay for deep links by finding blogs and other sites that will allow follow links to deep pages on a site. However, this practice is usually frowned upon by Google and can sink your entire site in search rankings.

However, social bookmarking offers an effective method for obtaining links to deep pages on your site. While some of these sites are nofollow links, many of them offer dofollow deep links. Even if they are nofollow these social bookmarking links are valuable because they validate the category and ties to certain keywords and keyword phrases.

It is critical to use social bookmarking as a tool to build links to your valuable deep pages. Historically, this has been a very time consuming process. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites. They all require registration, validation and often captcha verification to submit stories. Trying to do this by hand for one deep link would take hours.

That is why I use Bookmark Demon as my deep linking tool. They have cataloged hundreds of bookmarking sites and they automate the process of submitting links. Now, I must warn that it is not 100% automated unless you want to ignore a majority of the bookmarking sites that require captcha. So the software will prompt you when a recaptcha is needed.

I tend to do 150 links at a time doing all my captchas. This typically takes about 20 minutes. If you were willing to do it several times a day you could build thousands of deep links within a week.

Unlike many of its rivals, BD only charges an upfront fee, NO monthly fees and all future updates are free. If you are serious about SEO, you need to check out this product for building links to deep pages.