Monday, October 22, 2012

NFL Tailgating

Over the years of the NFL has evolved in so many ways. However, it’s not just the game that is evolving, it is also other aspects of the NFL as well. For example, tailgating has gone through some drastic changes from its humble beginnings.
Tailgating is one of the most treasured pastimes of NFL fans. It is the way that fans were able to hang out and get ready for big games. This overlooked gem of the NFL has changed the way almost every fan watches the game. Traditions have taken over tailgating and those traditions bring fans not only closer to each other but in some cases they bring the fans closer to the team. For instance, the tailgating tradition for the Jets chant “J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!” has moved from just a tailgating tradition to a major symbol of the fans of gang green.
Along with the traditions that come with tailgating, there has been a lot of change throughout its history. This is shown greatly when the idea of turning a symbol meet up before a game into an event before the game type of situation. In fact there are even some people who just come to the stadium to tailgate and don’t even have tickets to the game. This in my opinion is just silly but it turns out some people enjoy hanging out by a grill that much.
It is interesting to see how people think it is better to tailgate near the stadium while it is a whole lot easier to do about the same thing at home next to your own grill. That just goes to show the insanity of football fans. I personally love tailgating and when I go to football games hanging around with other guys going to the game is just an awesome experience. I wouldn’t take as go as far out of my way to just going to a stadium to tailgate but that’s just me.
There are many other aspects to tailgating that make tailgating a very sacred weekly event during football season. Little things like food, drinks, or even extra things like a football or a bean bag chair has a huge effect on a tailgate. However, the one aspect of a tailgate that can make or break whether it is a success. This one key aspect of tailgating is the car that acts as a public couch. 
There are certain types of cars that are vital to having a good tailgate. The best types of cars are defiantly bigger pickup trucks. The truck bed on these behemoths act as a perfect seat to at least 4 or 5 people. But even if you don’t feel like putting out at least $15,000 for a big pickup there are some other cars that are acceptable and are workable for the same purpose. For example, a minivan would work alright because with an open trunk the back can still act as a small bench like seat for a couple of people. The cars however to rule out when going to a tailgate would be smaller cars like sedans. There is no way for more than 2 people to sit on the trunk and those who do sit on it sink into the trunk and it doesn’t end up well.
All in all, with the right knowledge and equipment, tailgating is a great hangout event as well as a creator of great and lasting traditions for an NFL team.
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