Tuesday, October 16, 2012

O’Neill’s Psycho III Zen Zip Wetsuit

The O’Neill’s Psycho III Zen Zip fullsuit wetsuit is nothing short of technology at its best. You’ll find plenty of must-have features as well as a whole bunch of extras that once you have, you’ll never be able to do without again.

Let’s start with the basics shall we? This Technobutter Neoprene suit is now 30% less water absorbent, while being 17% lighter. It features fantastic quick dry properties so there’s no need to stand around waiting for the suit to dry off. The construction of the suit itself is supreme, with double superseam weld to make sure the suit holds together even under the toughest situations. As well, O’Neill’s has made use of new technology which is a silicone-based urethane that is used as a seal on both sides of the seams, that are triple glued. And with this new technology also comes the fact that the seams are 60% thinner and lighter, adding to the overall comfort of the suit.

We all know that putting on a wetsuit can be a workout all in itself, but with the ZEN zip entry, the idea is that you can easily get in and out of this suit. There is a pullover internal neck seal meant to stop water from getting in, instead forcing it out of a handy drain hole. And once you get the suit on, you’ll quickly be aware and appreciative of the insulative jersey material that it is lined with, offering both comfort and warmth.

Some other notable features include a spot to store a key, with the external key pocket complete with a loop. No need to be digging though your suit with this handy pocket. As well, you’ll love the double seal that has been used on all the key points such as your wrists and ankles, again ensuring you stay warm and dry.

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