Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Best Place to Find Cheap Sports Tickets

Even fans from the biggest rivalries in sports can agree that they want more cheap sports tickets. It's one thing we can all agree on - and it's clear why. Sports ticket prices have jumped tremendously over the past ten years. In fact, the average ticket price has increased 100% since 2000. That's right - it would cost you double to attend a sporting event compared to 2000. When you're dealing with a family of 4, it gets incredibly expensive to take everyone to a ballgame. This has resulted in tons of empty seats and countless disappointed fans who watch games in front of their TV instead of live, in stadium.

Sports fans can rejoice now that Crowd Seats is here! Each week, the Daily Deals site for Sports Tickets offers incredible ticket offers featuring incredible discounts, no added fees, and premier match-ups. Fans no longer need to pay the ridiculous fees that teams charge directly nor will they need to pay over face value on resell sites like stubhub. Crowd Seats has created a new way for sports fans to buy tickets - at huge discounts!

To sweeten the deal, Crowd Seats never charges a single ticket fee. If the ticket is $20, it's $20 - PERIOD. Compare this to the excessive fees from teams' box offices. There's the print-at-home fee, the venue surcharge, the processing fee, etc, etc - the list goes on! The bottom line is that these fees are raising the cost of a ticket 20-30%. Add that on top of already increased ticket prices and you're looking at an expensive entertainment option that is simply out of reach of a lot of families. With Crowd Seats, you'll never pay a ticket fee again!

Sound too good to be true? Check them out, especially if you're in one of their major markets: Boston, Denver, New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, DC/Baltimore, Dallas, Philly, and Los Angeles. Just by taking a look at their recent deals, you can see how impactful this site can be if you're a ticket buyer.

• 45% off NBA Playoff Tickets
• 40% off Yankees vs Red Sox Tickets
• 70% off Angels Tickets
• ...and many more more

As you can see, they're not dealing with the boring match-ups. It's all about getting the best combination of great games and huge discounts. This is what truly sets Crowd Seats apart. MLB Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, Rivalry Games - all with huge discounts and no fees? Yes, please!

So, sports fans - you have a decision to make. Continue buying tickets from the box office and pay excessive prices with ridiculous fees OR try Crowd Seats and start enjoying cheap sports tickets.

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