Monday, July 30, 2012

Super Bowl 2013 is Near!

Super bowl 2013 is nearing and there seems to be a lot of hype around it already.  The NFL is busy doing finding their best of the best for this season.  From the latest NFL Super bowl commercial for 2013 to the preparation of the musical art, the NFL is trying to come out with the best.  As fans we can look ahead to a series of interesting sports events on the go before and after the Super bowl 2013 (The Olympics which is happening now and the Soccer world cup which will happen after the Super bowl 2013).

Last years Super bowl was a real colorful event with Madonna performing in the halftime show.  There is much hype around who will be the half time performer for the upcoming Super bowl 2013 (Lady Gaga is one of the rumored halftime performer this time, but we should wait and see the celebrity who will be confirmed soon).  And yes as for the past couple of years Bridgestone is the sponsor for the half time performance this year as well (admidst heavy speculations that Pepsi is jumping back in and will be sponsoring the half time performance for the Super bowl 2013).

So get excited for Super bowl Sunday (Feb 3rd) and enjoy the festival . Its already a colorful scene in the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans , as the spot is getting geared up for the big event and the ticket auctions have already started online along with the Super bowl 2013 merchandise sales catching up some serious heat .

Friday, July 27, 2012 Announces Sports Agent Course Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to be a sports agent?  Negotiating multimillion dollar contracts for athletes.  Sports Management Forum is pleased to announce some great giveaways to kick off the launch of their new sports business forum.  This is the first of more giveaways to come for the year.

“Giveaways are a great way to show site members and visitors you’re serious about what you do. We want to our members to get the most out of their experience here, as well as keep things edgy and new as often as possible,” stated site owner Kevin Willingham.

For the first giveaway, new and registered members will have a chance to win a free lifetime access to Pro Sports Group’s Sports Agent Course. The course is a great tool to assist those wanting to break into the sports agent industry. The next giveaway will be a free website design package from Hire the Grunt. They will give away a starter business website to one fortunate newly registered site member. This will include everything they need to get started including a domain name, one year of hosting, a logo and more.

Kevin went on to say, “We want our giveaways to be specific to the potential needs and wants of our members. We hope that everyone enjoys the offers and will be around for more to come.”

For more information or advertising opportunities on the site, please email Kevin at or visit the website at for the current contest.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who are the Best Young Actors in Hollywood?

There were a lot of great actors in the that are older than 40 years old, but who are the great actors under 40? I think there are some great up and coming actors that have already developed a strong resume of films and award nominations.

Here are my suggestions of the best young actors.

Starting with his brilliant portrayal of an autistic child in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Leo DiCaprio Movies has enthralled us with his acting abilities. DiCaprio has already been nominated for 3 Academy Awards but I would argue that he should have more since he did not receive a nomination for Basketball Diaries, J. Edgar or Catch Me if You Can. As a testament to his abilities, Martin Scorsese has come back to DiCaprio four times for a lead in his films.

While Christian Bale Movies has been in a number of blockbuster films like Christopher Nolan's Batman, many may not realize that he has also made several stunning portrayals in some small independent films. He won a Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dicky Ecklund in The Fighter. However, my favorite Bale role was as Alfred Borden in The Prestige, a fantastic film about two rival magicians in the late 1800s and their bitter lifelong feud. Finally, you must see Bale as Trevor Reznik in The Machinist, the stunning portrayal of a lunatic wasting away based on a trauma that we learn of throughout the film. He lost over 40 pounds for this part and it is shocking to see his wasted frame.

It was The Notebook in 2004 that really put Ryan Gosling Movie on the map. However, it was 2011 when Gosling exploded onto the scene with roles in several top notch films including Blue Valentine, Ides of March and Drive. Gosling has only been nominated for one Academy Award so far but that will change. His skills are very strong and I expect him to be a fixture at the Oscars for many years to come.

What do you think? Who else deserves mention in this list of the best actors under 40?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London 2012: Bringing the World Together Through Aspiration and Achievement

The Olympic Games stand as an iconic and historically influential event, and one which transcends sport to develop significant social, cultural and religious importance. The 29th Games, which commence in London, UK on Friday 27th July, perhaps reflect this more any previous event, as they arrive at a time when global economic depression and fractured international relations have created an uncertain backdrop to everyday life. The Olympics stand for hope, tolerance and aspiration, and bring communities together in the spirit of participation and eventual achievement.

The Olympic Games: Where Local Athletes Can Achieve International Recognition

The glory of the Olympic Games lies in this and the stories of those who participate, and it is their individual history which brings color and meaning to such an international event. One athlete that personifies this principle is U.S. track and field star Sanya Richards-Ross, who is competing this year in her third Olympic Games in the 400 meters and 4 x 400 meters rely event. Ross who left her home nation of Jamaica at the age of 12 before eventually becoming a U.S. citizen, set an Olympic trials record in qualifying for London 2012 and is also the reigning world champion in the 400 meter event.

Her journey is a victory for determination and spirit, and showcases how desire to achieve is part of the Olympic vision., but there is something else that marks Sanya Richards-Ross as the very depiction of this spirit. As proud and local residents of Austin, Texas, Sanya and her professional football star husband Aaron Ross play integral roles within their community, and have not allowed fame, success and continued attainment to effect the way in which they interact with their fellow citizens. While humility may be an increasingly undervalued commodity in professional sport, it is the fundamental principle that underpins the entire Olympic message.

How the Olympics Impacts Local Communities

As such a revered and important hub of her local community, Sanya Richards-Ross has a great deal of popularity among fellow residents and service providers.  Dr. Dan Matthews, who operates a dental practice at the very heart of Austin, Texas, is fortunate enough to count Sanya Richards-Ross and her husband as a long time patients, and he is extremely supportive of her efforts as a high performance athlete. “Both she and her husband are patients of ours,” said Dr. Matthews. “They are both tremendously successful as athletes and we are so excited that she is going to the Olympics.”

The attitude of Dr. Matthews is shared by many of his other patients and residents within the Austin area, and there is no doubt that as a community they will be cheering Sanya on to success during the London Olympics. In many ways, this is the main value that the Olympics bring to societies throughout the world, as they unite individuals in supporting a common goal and allow them to share in hope and aspiration. During such events as those that will unfold in London over the coming weeks, people will connect with their communities and sporting icons in a way that they never knew was possible.

The Bottom Line

So as Dr. Matthews and thousands of Austin residents settle in front of the television this summer and watch Sanya Richards-Ross and her compatriots compete for glory, they can rest assure that they will be participating in a truly global and unifying event. Unlike any others global sporting institutions, the Olympic Games remains largely unblemished by cynicism and commercialism, and therefore remains a symbol of hope even during difficult social and economic times.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Swole Can Deliver More Results in the Gym

Are you looking to take your workout to the next level?  Whether you are looking to lose weight quickly, build bulk or increase muscle mass, Swole has a complete line of nutritional supplements that can help you with your workout goals. But don't take my word for it check out Team Swole, their stable of professional mixed martial arts and ultimate fighter competitors.

Swole® Sports Nutrition is an innovative, fast growing sports nutrition and apparel company based in Delray Beach, FL. Their mission is to provide the highest quality products, use the most up-to-date formulations, deliver high potency with low dosing, and develop products that are designed to help everyone train like a professional athlete. SWOLE® strives to not only provide their customers with the best sports supplementation available, but they are also committed to researching and formulating the best supplements that haven't been created yet.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Watch Live Cricket Games Online

With the advancement in technology, entertainment has been moved to a higher level. Now you don't have to visit stadiums and the hassles that go with it.  And if you have moved to a faraway city or country, you can still follow your favorite local team.  Just switch on your PC or Laptop, connect to the web and experience a new level of excitement by watching live cricket.

Yes you can now watch live cricket games online through many sports websites in HD quality. Of course you will need high speed connectivity to received the live cricket feed in high definition picture quality.

You may not know it but cricket is the second most popular sports in the world.  But it is still not a widely broadcast sport worldwide on Television.  Often times people are unable to watch their favorite matches live on television.  So the best way for them is to watch live cricket games online through live streaming.

Now cricket fans have no reason to worry because they can enjoy live cricket streaming outside their country.  And you don't have to use your PC, you can also enjoy live cricket streaming online on your smartphones or tablet computers.  Technology is evolving so as the methods of entertainment also evolving.

This is actually a better and comfortable mode of watching live cricket games because you don’t have the headache of rushing to the counters and buying tickets. You can just sit along with your family and make it a better past time.  Arrange it and Watch live cricket online today.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Shine Your Pride

College football fans,

Rivalries have forever been the true core of athletic motivation. They have been the make-it or break-it games of the year. They have defined what pride really means for a team. They have shown what school is better, and what city has fallen. They have defined what leadership is. To stand your ground, own your house. Never have we let them stand on our faces. To lose one year is to fight back for vengeance. To win one year is to defend the next.

The greatest rivalries in college football where born on pride. With traditions deeply enrooted in the blood of the school, no team has fallen without a fight. A number one team does not blink as they approach an unranked rival. There is so much at stake. Anything can happen in a rival game. As Oklahoma marches on the field to take on Texas in the Red River Rivalry, only one will win, but not one will give up. As Michigan gets stomped on by Ohio State, they do not just cry with defeat, they plan on reversing the order the next year. Auburn may take a beating from current national powerhouse Alabama, but they will surely not let them take their pride.

To all who cannot wait for the sunny days of summer to be over so college football season can begin, this article is for you. Keep on waiting just a bit longer and be prepared to shine your pride. Remember what your team stands for.