Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is He the Best French Footballer of All Time? brings you live breaking sports news as well as famous sports features. This Zidane highlight reel showcases the incredible talent of France’s best player in the country’s soccer history, Zinedine Zidane. “Zizou” is widely regarded as one of the best players of all time.

On September 27, 2012, the city of Paris unveiled a 5-meter Zidane statue immortalizing Zizou's famous head-butt against Marco Materazzi that marked the end of his career.

Zidane was voted as FIFA World Player of the Year on three occasions (1998, 2000 and 2003), a feat matched only by his former Real Madrid team mate Ronaldo, and also won the Ballon d'Or in 1998. Zidane retired from professional football after the 2006 World Cup.

In 2004, Forbes magazine named him the 42nd-highest paid athlete in the world, with earnings of US$15.8 million a year. In November 2006, Zidane toured Bangladesh as the guest of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. He also visited the Algerian birthplace of his parents, and met personally with Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who gave him an official reception.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Learn Karate and Earn Belts Online

Karate is not a sport. Going back to some history of it, Karate was made as a self defense mechanism to counteract when in danger. It has been passed down for centuries and now Karate is on a league of its own. I wanted to write about Karate on my sports blog purely for kids and young adults who want themselves to become fit by learning one of the most disciplined arts form ever - Karate! Children when learning karate build better bones by strength and young adults achieve better body shape for the long run.

In Karate, there are several stages until one is recognized as the "known all forms". The last stage finisher is called Black Belt who then can become a master and then coach other students. Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown are the belts through which one has to learn. Only experts in Karate can "belt" a person through stages by looking at one's moves either in person or on a video. In this modern age, people have been doing things digitally and even Karate belts can now be achieved online and yes it is from the World Karate Federation.

KOTA.PRO - an official Karate online training system gives one an internationally recognized rank right from Yellow through Black Belts! Experts are always available to help one throughout the karate lifespan and preparing for earning Karate belts will now become more competitive and I can verily say that there will be more and more people equipped with the best self defense mechanism and be fit for other sports

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips on How to Find the Best Soccer Merchandise Online

If you’re an avid soccer fan and want to stay well supplied with souvenirs and your favorite memorabilia then you need to know what is worth buying and, most of all, where to find these items. There are numerous places where you can begin your search but, as always, careful planning and being aware of major vendors is your key to the best soccer merchandise available. 

Of course, it is also a question of finding the right kind of merchandise. Soccer fans usually love a particular team and a certain club and avoid merchandise that has been treated with the logos and the insignia that could be linked to opposing teams. It is therefore a question of being very particular about your choices and so a bit more consideration is needed. The soccer merchandise that is sold officially by your favorite club will of course be available at a stall or shop near the club itself. Because many of us love teams that are not necessarily in our area it is always a good idea to go searching on the internet first.

Your favorite club will sometimes have an official supplier of soccer merchandise that has been treated with the official logo of that particular club. But, because the fan base is sometimes scattered around the country and sometimes even outside its bounds, there are official club stores that sell t-shirts, key chains, mugs, soccer balls, caps, scarves and other  items that can be found online. Online stores have the advantage of being available to you right away, as long as you access the site. So a search for the soccer products you are after on the web may be your best bet.

Sports events are another major event where merchandise will most certainly be available. Some big matches will be organized a long time beforehand so if you ask around or visit the club webpage you are most certainly going to find out if there will be any merchandise stalls there. It is therefore very easy to find some great soccer merchandise and sometimes you may be so lucky as to find products that have been signed by your favorite player or by the trainer himself.

When you want some soccer merchandise that has been signed or even worn by a player in your favorite team you need to consider sites such as eBay or other similar bidding sites. Those offer you the chance of finding great products that have been signed, worn or been in the possession of one of those people. Of course, the prices may be higher than initially expected, so make sure you know what to expect beforehand.

The most in demand soccer items to be adorned by signatures of team members include T-shirts, official balls and, in some cases, even other items of apparel. However, in the end you need to remember that those are only for the most avid collectors and that you can’t always gain access to those items. Regular soccer merchandise can be just as entertaining, cool and remind you of your team’s successes. 

Other than official stores, online or brick and mortar, you can always find products that are produced locally or simply support your team’s logo. These are great because they are widely available, don’t require you to spend a fortune on them, and further still, they are reasonably priced. Such football merchandise is great as gifts for avid fans or even for yourself, especially when you are attending a game and want to wear something specific to show your support for your favorite team.

Friday, September 21, 2012

University of Michigan Cufflinks

Football season is in so you better strap up your chin straps and get ready for the kick off! If you are a fan of the University of Michigan you need to check these out. is offering one of the kind University of Michigan cufflinks. Talk about an amazing way to express your wolverine pride while making a fashion statement. These Michigan football cufflinks are sure to please anybody. Just image being at one of the Home games at the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor and rocking these babies. Stylish, special and authentic what else can you ask for in a fashion accessory.

If you take great pride in your school why not take that same pride in fashion.  Ladies love a male with a sense of fashion and you guys love football and ladies so this should be a no brainer. Ladies you can rock these too if your boyfriend is a Michigan what better way to show him how much you care then  with making a fashion statement  with  his favorite NCAA team.  Who knows maybe he might even take you shopping after they win a game simply because you were wearing these puppies.  Michigan cufflinks are definitely worth checking out this goes for current students, faculty and alumni, fans everybody.  If you want to rock your favorite sports team while showing a sense of fashion in the process these university of Michigan cufflinks are worth checking out.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cycle Claim - Helping People that Have Had Cycle Accidents

There is nothing more fun and relaxing then riding a bicycle.  You can use a nice bike ride to relieve stress and to also get some exercise.  With fresh air, sunshine, and the wind in your hair, who doesn’t have fun cruising around a nice park?  When you are on the back of a bicycle, you truly feel free and the world doesn’t seem so bad.  However, what happens when that bicycle ride turns into a painful experience when you get hit while on your bicycle? Did you know that there are many people who ride that have a cycle accident but think they can’t do anything about the injuries they suffer or the loss of their bike?  Cycle Claim is ready to help you file a cycle accident claim and make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.   Here is more information on Cycle Claim, and what they can do for you.

Compensation:  When you file a cycle claim, Cycle Claim has a policy that if you don’t win any compensation then you don’t have to pay any kind of legal fees.  You have been through enough with your bicycle accident, and Cycle Claim does not want you to have to suffer any more by making you pay money for your claim being denied.

Professionals you can trust:  Who better to handle your cycle accident claim then a group of professionals?  Cycle Claim only hires the best, and it is these highly trained individuals who will be helping you get what you have coming to you.

It’s your money:  When Cycle Claim gets you every penny you have coming to you, you get to keep it all.  There is no need to worry about any kind of legal fees because Cycle Claim will make that other party pay for any and all legal fees.

Riding your bicycle is a way that you find stress relief, exercise, and fun.  However, just because you are on a bicycle should not mean that you are not protected.  Cycle Claim is a company that can help you if you have been injured in a cycle accident.  Cycle Claim will be there for you every step of the way and make sure you get everything you are entitled to.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Outdoor Team Building at Loch Lomond

Team building is one of the activities that bring together members of an organization from different departments together. It is a recommended activity for any organization that does not only mind about its future but also that of its employees. Team building activity provides a forum for colleagues of an organization to understand each other better, not necessarily on matters concerning their profession but their social life matters at large. It fulfills the saying that man is a social being.

Researchers have it that team building activities aids in strengthening an organization by tightening the bond that exists between superior employees or organizational directors and their subjects. If this gap is narrow, then the output is expected to be high. It is recommended that team building activities take place at a neutral ground preferably away from the work place.

Loch Lomond is one of the best places in Scotland to hold school outdoor activities.  The facility is renowned for its world class holiday facilities as well as high class accommodation facilities. Its location next to one of the Scotland’s major National parks, the Trossachs National park makes an ideal place to hold team building activities.  since team building entails having fun as a group, sometimes spent at the national park enjoying the rich wildlife of Scotland as well as exotic plants available at the park is just more than sufficient for a team building activity.

Other than visiting the park, other fun may also incorporate sporting activities to make it even more fun. At Loch Lomond, the team has a chance to take part in sports such as golf.  By indulging into sports, the team kills two birds with one stone; the team building objective as well as maintaining physically fit.

Accessibility is issue is another factor that pulls many people towards Loch Lomond. The facility is grounded on a well established and reliable transport infrastructure. Means of transport both within and out of the facility include trains, buses, small cars and bikes. Other than quality roads and strong, well established railways, Loch Lomond transport system is affordable by everyone visiting.  With such strong transport infrastructure, those attending team building are always assured of transport in and out of Loch Lomond at any given time.

If school outdoor activities are expected to last for more than a day, as most do, Loch Lomond has one of the best lodging services. Each member may enjoy spending the night in one of the spacious rooms. Hotel services are also world class. With a variety of food and drinks to select from, one finds a home away from home. Camping facilities are also available thus the entire team may opt to spend in tends erected in the secure grounds of Loch Lomond. Likewise, the price of lodging, hotel services and or tents is also fair enough.

As a top director in any given organization, Europe and specifically Loch Lomond in Scotland is the place to take your team members for fun team building activities. Reach out for the best and affordable activities at Loch Lomond as you aim at strengthening and uniting your organization’s members. Don’t let others tell you about team building at Loch Lomond, be the narrator who narrates of experience.