Friday, November 16, 2012

Super Bowl commercials 2013

Super bowl 2013 is nearing and there is more than one reason for all of us to be excited  – Yes it’s the Superbowl commercials 2013 !  commercials during the big Super bowl Sunday has always been a visual feast for all of us. The manner in which businesses create their Ads for the game are really special and should admit it has always been a big entertainer.  When it comes to the Super bowl commercials, creators always put on a creative thinking hat to amaze the audience with fun and gimmicks.  So as with all the Super bowl games through the years the Super bowl 2013 commercials are also on their way.  Ad slots for the commercials are all already filled and the Ad creation work is going full fledged.  We will be able to see some of our favorite brands like Pepsi, Doritos, Volkswagen, Godaddy etc. come up with their commercials in full swing.  Thanks to the high interest shown by the viewers on the Super bowl commercials that the rates for each Ad slots are sky high – but its worth the expense as the ROI comes rolling in immediately for businesses.
With the game happening on the Feb 3rd of 2013 the hype around the commercials is already increasing with people searching for a preview of their favorite brands Ads on the internet.  This season is going to be extra special as some of the big brands that have not advertised for the past couple of years have booked their ad slots for the Super bowl 2013.  So lets sit back and wait for the incredible Super bowl 2013 commercials to flow in.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alabama’s Crimson Tide 2012 Football Update


That is the most fitting word out of any to describe the 2012 Alabama Crimson Tide team.  Even after the close loss this past weekend, there are many aspects of this year’s Alabama team that make them as good as they are.  Overall, from their veteran head coach in Nick Saban, their offense, to their ability to hold momentum throughout games are what makes this Crimson Tide squad so much of a threat.  It is easy to be a Crimson fan.

Another Dominating Defense

Let’s begin with the year leading up to this season.  In 2011 Alabama wasn’t considered such a great team as this year.  They were definitely beatable last year.  That was shown when they were defeated in a game that was as tightly contested as possible by a surging LSU team.  However, this loss may have been the sparks that last year’s team needed to come back and eventually make their run at the national championship.  This fire led the team to a national championship rematch against LSU.  The Tigers were beat down so badly in that game that they barely were able to get on Alabama’s side of the field the entire game.  That was the game that inspired this year’s season.  In a nutshell, pure defensive dominance with an offense that performs when they are needed to.

This year like most for the Crimson Tide, is their defense.  They are arguably the best defense in the nation only allowing 65 points the entire season.  This makes their defense the number 1 overall in the country allowing the least points by anyone this season.  That isn’t the only part of the ‘Bama’ defense that makes them the stars of the Crimson Tide Show.  On the defensive side of the football, Alabama’s players strike fear into the offensive player’s hearts.  There is nothing worse for an offensive college football player than seeing Alabama on their schedule; except perhaps going to Alabama and face their brick wall of a defense.

That was the case this year for Denard Robinson and the then #8 Michigan Wolverines.  This game was set up to be the star studded spectacle of week #1 of the college football season.  Expectations were far from the reality of it.  With countless defensive stands and the necessary offensive drives led Alabama to basically blowout Michigan to kick start their season.  This momentum is what was able to lead the Crimson Tide to all of their dominating wins this year.

Offensive Resurgence

This year’s Alabama offense was the big question this year.  Two years removed from the great Mark Ingram and being in their first season without sensation Trent Richardson, it was interesting to see how Nick Saban’s offense would fair.  It turns out that great running backs just keep on coming out of Alabama.  With two runners in T.J Yeldon and Eddie Lacy averaging over 5 yards a carry, it is a recipe for success. 

Alabama mostly relies on high levels of play from their defense.  Even with a great defense like the one, if your offense can’t score points there is no possible way to win.  No matter how talented or tough a defense can be there is no possible way to get a shutout every game.  Alabama has both.

If you are an Alabama Crimson fan, you may be interested in a personalized football jersey for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Virginia MMA Challenge

Sponsored Post
Richmond Va, MMA Institute is a training center designed for all skill and experience levels, from total beginner to pro MMA athlete.  We take pride in providing a safe and friendly training environment with the most qualified instructors in the state.  Though a very small percentage of between 10% and 15% of our students compete we do feel one of the things a consumer should look for when evaluating a legit training facility is the quality of competitor they produce, expecially for those students looking to compete in the future.  MMA Institute already has a $1,000 guarantee that we have the best training and instructors.  Now we are offering a $50,000 challenge, our fight team against any other team in Virginia.

MMA Institute has long been recognized as the best and most active MMA team in the state by the people that really know the sport. Unfortunately every school out there claims to be the best no matter how unqualified or if they are teaching out of their garage. This challenge really isn't for the few legit gyms in Va out there (though we stand behind the statement of being the best) This is more for the gyms that lie to their students about the training they are receiving and taking advantage of the uninformed. We will put up $50,000 and the challenger will put up the same.  We will have one fighter in every weight class from 125 up to heavyweight. The team that has the most wins takes all the money, that simple! So if you are reading this and belong to one of those gyms that like to say they are the best but don't back it up. Now is your chance, go ahead and ask your instructor why they wont accept this challenge.I am sure they will have plenty of excuses, or they will talk a big game but in the end they wont accept. What do they have to lose if they say they are really the best?

Due to the fact there are so many unqualified and fake schools with made up credentials, MMA Institute has taken it upon itself to call out all the fakes and posers.  Contrary to popular belief there is no licensing or any other prerequisite to open up a martial arts school.  This has opened the door for many unqualified people to try and take advantage of the uninformed public that want to learn martial arts from a legitimate source.  Check us out and learn why we are the best in MMA in Richmond, VA.