Sunday, November 10, 2013

Betting on the Z Code System

There are numerous betting systems when it comes to sports that all brag that they offer the most predictable outcomes. However, everyone understands that this carries an obvious flaw. No one can use past data to 100% predict future outcomes. That doesn’t mean that statistical data doesn’t have value or it’s inaccurate. It just simply means that it isn’t a fortune teller.

            The Z code system review site is unbiased and explains more about this sports betting system that has just come out of beta testing. So far it has done well for itself. The idea behind the system isn’t that it predicts how a game will turn out, though it does try to. Instead the assets of the Z code system is that it creates a sports picking service that analyzes what teams will do under certain scenarios. That means you as a better will hedge the outcome based on data and then make the sports pick based on your best judgment. Essentially this allows you to make an informed decision about a sports bet.

            This is very similar to picking stocks. In fact that is the background that the z code sports pick service operates on. When investors make a decision about buying into a company, they look at how the business is doing. The same concept has been carried over to the Z code system. Investors (that’s what z code calls them) look at the statistical data and make an informed bet based on the data.

            In terms of the data that z code collection, they go back past 10 years. We all understand that what the Green Bay Packers did ten years ago isn’t going to be the same today. What this past data does allow us to do is to look for trends and patterns that will allow us to objectively understand how a team is going to act under certain situations. You may be wondering what kind of a call a coach might make if the yards to a first down are less than 3 and the clock is under five minutes. Will that coach go for the first down or will they kick a field goal? The answer will most definitely affect the outcome of the game.

            The Z code system will cost users about $200 a month. If you subscribe early you can take advantage of a zcode system discount. While the zcode system review has been positive, reviewers have noticed that they do not make the best use of marketing. One zcode review found that they needed to work on polishing their external message to users. People have found that sports betting with Z code have produced positive numbers and have been using their service successfully. 

            If you are looking for a sports pick service you will want to consider Z code. They handle all kinds of sports and approach this like a stockbroker would approach picking a stock. You will get the most up to date data prior to the game and that will allow you to make an informed decision about your sports pick.

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Anonymous said...

I like this betting system. After reading the review site for the Z Code System I decided to give it a try. Although it does cost @ $200/month it is still worth it! You can make more if you bet right and follow their advisory. I am 4 for 5 so far. : )