Monday, May 20, 2013

Coaching Tips for Hockey Player Evaluation

Coaches are always looking for the best way to give helpful and efficient feedback to their players. Each sport is different and no two athletes are exactly the same, which is why it’s helpful to break down the ways to evaluate your players in the best way possible.
We’re focusing on hockey player evaluation right now, and seeing how there are a million different ways to evaluate any given hockey player, we’ll have to figure out a system.
It mostly breaks down into three main groups:
-       Physical
-       Mental
-       Intangibles
As a coach, you’ll know right away if the guy’s a player. Can he skate? Shoot? Use his body and get to the right areas on the ice? Is the player getting in the right positioning whenever possible? These are your physical attributes, the ones that you can see as the skater moves through drills or players in a game.
The physical side of the game can be dissected more than you think so it’s definitely helpful to narrow down the list to 5-10 categories which you are most focused on and keeping your eyes open for. After all, if your defensive prospect can’t skate backwards, well, he’s not much of a prospect.
Next comes the mental side of the game, and no we’re not talking about scoring on breakaway with only seconds left on the clock. This is more of how much of a leader this skater can be, if he takes into account what his coaches relay to him and whether he retaliates after not liking getting hit by an opposing player.
The mental traits which a player possesses are a massive part of hockey and figuring out which players are better suited as team captain and which are only looking to pick a bad fight will help to figure out where they all stand.
Finally, we have the intangibles. This involves attendance records, work ethic and behavior on the ice, and simply knowing what he can and can’t do with his given skill set. Listen, not every kid on your roster is the next “Great One”, but the really great players are the ones who have learned to hone the skills they were blessed with, and didn't try to get their names etched in the record books.
So there’s your system for breaking down and evaluating players, but why is it so important to make this evaluation?
The case can be made that any number of sports involve the most “heart” and are “truly team sports”, but hockey is in a league of its own. When any one player falters on the ice, it will cost the team dearly – all the way from the captain and starting goalie, down to the players on the fourth line.
When going over your roster of players, you need to know where each one stands in terms of their physical and mental attributes as well as what they’re going to give on the ice on a day to day basis. You need players who are tough as nails and graceful as figure skaters and making the proper evaluations will help you find that exceptional group.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Going the Extra Mile with the Alkaline Diet for the Performance Athlete

We all know that excessive exercise leads to reduced oxygen and increased acidity in the body through lactic acid. Just think of being breathless and muscle pains or perhaps not cooling down properly after a hard workout and you know exactly what I mean!

However did you ever stop to think of how your diet fits into the grand scheme of things?

Even pro athletes can fall into the trap of eating too much acid forming foods with excessive consumption of meat, dairy, fruit juice not forgetting the long list of convenience foods, sugar, soft drinks and high salt content.  As a result many athletes of too much acidity in the body many athletes therefore reach their peak of performance far too early.

This peak can successfully be extended with preventative mineralization, alkaline purification and continuous regeneration, with regard to both health and an increase in performance.

I highly recommend that you check out; to gain an understanding how to best leverage the alkaline diet for that added advantage and boost when it comes to that final lap.

With an alkaline diet plan formed and tailored to your needs it will help you attain the best mind and body balance.

The secret to success is to follow simple rules such as identifying which foods reside on the ; alkaline to acid food scale and thereafter adopting the 80-20 principle. That is 80% of your diet should consist of alkaline foods and the remaining 20% acid forming or as how you feel.

Life is a journey full of discoveries, finding the right balance with focus will help you lead to success and achievement. With that in mind many will agree that the Alkaline Diet Plan is indeed at the very core of aligning your body, soul and mind in taking you that one step forward ahead of the competition and to victory!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Improving Basketball Perimeter Play

Perimeter players are generally the most adaptable players on the basketball court. These players have the ability to hit open shots, and they are excellent secondary ball handlers and primary rebounders. Perimeter players can play very effectively, whether they are playing the game indoors or outdoors. Qualities of a top-notch perimeter player

1.  Excellent Shooters - There are multiple players in basketball history who are known for their shooting abilities, including Bill Bradley, Larry Bird, and Reggie Miller. Many players think that you have to be a great shooter to be a phenomenal perimeter player, but this is not so. However, you must know how to make open shots in order to maximize the abilities of your teammates. When you can do this, those playing defense must adjust their game in order to defend you, which creates opportunities for your team to score more points.

2.  Excellent Driving Ability - Just as there are many phenomenal shooters in NBA history, there is also a long list of legendary players who are excellent drivers, such as Michael Jordan, Elgin Baylor, and Julius Erving. While these are some of the best drivers in history, you don't have to have their skills to be effective as a perimeter player. To enhance your driving ability, simply take advantage of any and every opportunity you get to get close to the basket.

3.  Excellent Defenders - Perimeter players should also have great defensive abilities. This critically important skill is necessary for all players. When you see bigger players trying to block smaller players, lock down defenders, or disrupt an offense, they are using their defensive abilities. As a defender, there are three things you must do effectively. First, you should never allow open shots. Second, you should avoid penetration that causes interior players to be exposed. Third, you should always be in position to assist your teammates.

4.  Rebounding Skills - A perimeter player can be a primary rebounder or a secondary rebounder. This means that they must be aware of each shooter on the court in order to anticipate shots. All rebounders should have an aggressive rebounding attitude. The role of a rebounder is just as important as the role of a shooter who is trying to score points.

5.  Understanding the Game - As a perimeter player, you should be match-up oriented, and you should understand the role changes for each match-up. For example, a perimeter player who is a defender should be able to draw opponents away from the basket. When playing opponents with lots of speed, perimeter players must use screens. When playing opponents who are slow, perimeter players must take it to the basket. A perimeter player must understand the differences in each opponent's playing style and must be able to adjust his game whenever necessary.

Perimeter players should also be able to use their specific skills to complement the skills of their team members. They should be able to make outside shots that allow for driving opportunities and make moves that cause the opposing team to step away from the basket in order to make room for jumpers.

Improving Perimeter Play 
Multiple aspects of perimeter play can be taught on an individual basis. For example, you can practice screening, rebounding, passing and many other skills without your team. My plan is to focus on combination drills that increase individual scoring as well as address other skills that are necessary in order to be a perimeter player.

If you really want to increase your skills in Basketball, why not take a look at attending a basketball camp. Take a look at Breakthrough Basketball's resource of camps!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

4 Tips to Buying Beach Cruiser Bikes

If you are a person that is looking to take leisure rides, then you should be looking into the possibility of getting a beach cruiser bike. Beach cruiser bikes are the ones that have been made specifically for leisure without much thought given to speeds or performance necessary for competition. Here are some of the tips you will find very valuable when you are in the market for one of these bikes.
Test It Out
Not every bike is the same, so when purchasing beach cruiser bikes make sure that you test it first. You should be able to sit upright without any unwanted strain on your back. Your arms should be extended to reach the handles. You should not pay too much attention to aerodynamics with this bike because it is not built for speed so seating up straight is what you want. Make sure that you can easily keep the balance when you are riding and that if the bike feels too tall that you can adjust it.
Think Of Where You Live
It is important to pick the right bike for your location. Though some beach cruiser bikes do not even have different speeds, some of them do. Those different speeds are perfect if you live in a hilly area where you will need to change speeds going back up the hill. The more hills you have in your area, the more speeds you will want to get in your bike so make that a priority.
Get The Fenders
Beach cruiser bikes usually will have fenders on the wheels and you want to make sure that yours has them as well. Other bikes which are designed for competition avoid the fenders because of the additional weight fenders represent. On a beach cruiser bike however the fenders serve a purpose that is not just the classic look. The fenders will protect your clothing if you get caught riding in the rain so if you care about being clean make sure that your new bike has them.
Go With Quality
Though the beach cruiser bikes are not the type that you will take to the park and do tricks on, you still need a high quality bike. These are bikes that have a classic look, so a good quality bike will last a lot longer and never seem as if it is too old. Better quality bikes also have more features that will assist you no matter where you ride it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Picking Beach Cruiser Bikes In An Easy Way

Beach cruiser bikes are quite popular around the world! They are meant for the leisure riders who are more into recreation riding rather than competitive biking. Most of these bikes have vintage or retro looks, suggestive of the time when these kinds of bikes made their first appearance and gained immense popularity several years ago. These ultra – glam bikes are known to showcase the personality of the person riding them. So, in case you are planning to pick on a great beach cruiser bike then you can go on and read this article carefully. Well, by purchasing your own custom made beach cruiser bike you can definitely attract a lot of attention and even make your beach vacations great fun. The best part here is that personalizing the color and accessories of beach cruiser bikes is quite easy. So, you can follow the below mentioned points carefully in case you wish to pick on the best bike.
1.  You can get started by picking a suitable frame. You got to figure out the exact size of the frame which you require. You can easily base the entire frame size on the inseam of your leather pants.
2.  Now, you should decide upon the style and material for the construction of your beach cruiser bike. There are several frames available in the market which is made up of aluminum and steel. You can opt for old fashioned or ultra modern designs as per your convenience and requirements.
3.  The next thing that you must do is to select your favorite color. You don’t just have to stick around to basic colors such as blue, black or red. But you can opt for any particular color which you like. Mint green, chrome, purple and yellow are some of the most popular colors which you can opt for. You got to choose a color which suits your style in the best possible way.
4.  Now, you should start gearing up. You got to opt for some multiple gears for your bike. Go for coaster brakes which are standard gears available quite easily in the market. You got to choose brakes according to your preference.
5.  At last, you got to customize your beach cruiser bike according to your needs and style. You can add several accessories which will make your bike look great. Some of the key accessories which you can consider adding are: handle bar grips, fenders, basket, buzzers, bells, horns, white wall tires and horns.
I hope all the above mentioned instructions will help you in picking beach cruiser bikes according to your preferences. It is of utmost importance to pick the right bike for yourself so that you are able to attract the attention of several individuals around you. Make sure you go through this resourceful article carefully. I am pretty certain that you are going to love reading this article. A cruiser bike will surely help you in enjoying your summer vacations in the best probable way. For any other information on these bikes, you can log on to the internet.