Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reliant Stadium Plays Host to Many Events

Reliant Stadium is located in Houston, Texas, and is part of the larger Reliant Park complex. The stadium is home to the two-time defending AFC South champion Houston Texans, who have called Reliant Stadium home since their inaugural season in 2002. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Texas Bowl both also take place at Reliant Stadium. It has a seating capacity of 71,540 and was the first NFL stadium to have a retractable roof. While the NFL season obviously takes precedence at this time of year, it hosts a wide variety of events all throughout the year, making Reliant Stadium tickets a smart purchase no matter what season it is!
The Houston Texans play eight regular season games at Reliant Stadium in 2013. If you are interested in going to a game, you should buy Reliant Stadium tickets. The Texans kick of their home schedule with game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 15. After an away game against the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, their home schedule resumes on September 29 with a game against the Seattle Seahawks. The October 13 game against the Rams is the only Texans game that will be played at Reliant Stadium in October. November games at Reliant Stadium include matchups with the Colts, Raiders and Jaguars. In December, the Texans will welcome the Patriots and Broncos for two highly anticipated games. Reliant Stadium will also host the Super Bowl in February 2017, so it is never too early to start planning your trip to the big game.
Some upcoming concerts at Reliant Park are the Bayou Blues Festival on September 21 and Kid Cudi on October 15. Our featured performers include Switchfoot on October 26 and Hillsong United on November 26. The Houston Rodeo comes to Reliant Stadium in March, and is the world’s largest rodeo.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Best Sports Magazines

They call it the wide world of sports for a reason. The world of sports is as far-reaching as it gets, touching all corners of the Earth. Sports are a huge part of everyday life for people across all continents. So, the question is: how to keep up with it all?

If you take a few months off – or even a few weeks off – from following your sport of choice for one reason or another, you’ll often find yourself quickly scrambling to figure out what happened, when and how. All sports fans have found themselves in that position from time to time.

One way to stay on top of the latest trends in your sport – or sports – of choice is to subscribe to one or more of the best sports magazines out there today.

Much as there is a sport, or perhaps even a variation of a sport, for every taste, there is also seemingly a sports magazine for every taste. Are you interested in a general coverage sports magazine that will give you a little of everything? Check. Are you more of an outdoors fan – climbing, hiking and such? Check. No, you’re more of a snow sports person? Check. Oh, you’re into the extreme sports? Check.

Even if you’re interested in a magazine specifically about one sport – golf, tennis, baseball, etc. – it’s likely that you’ll find what you need. Don’t waste your money buying one issue at a time. Do a little research and find the right publication ahead of time and you’ll end up saving big by taking advantage of steep subscription deals.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Vintage Tees for the Retro in All of Us

I may be old school, but I am a big fan of distressed shirts and retro tees.  I am a Blackhawks fan and have several soft retro tees.  While it used to be very hard to find cool vintage inspired t-shirts, Old School Tees makes it easy because they have a great collection of retro sports t-shirts, movie t-shirts and other great retro brand t-shirts.

Being a Bears fan, I could not resist this great vintage Bears shirts from the early years. No matter which is your NFL team, Old School Tees has a wide selection of soft, vintage style NFL mens t shirts from all of the teams.  The vintage logos date from the 40s through the 80s to give you a range of styles to choose from. 

If you are an NBA fan, some of the coolest shirts they offer are the retro NBA Championship t shirts from many of the best classic teams.  New York Knicks fans will surely remember the classic look of the 1973 NBA Champs pictured here.    

If sports is not your thing and you lean more toward movies, TV or superheros, there are some great choices to get your creative juices flowing.  From Animal House to The Flintstones to Mork & Mindy to Seinfeld, you can find a retro entertainment shirt that will suit your fancy.

Whether you are looking for TV show shirts, retro sports tees, cartoon t-shirts or classic movie shirts, you can find great ones at Old School Tees.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ever Heard of a Fantasy Football Lottery?

The fantasy football season has officially begun, and many fantasy sports leagues are in full swing.  However, there is a new game in town.  Season long and daily leagues have been around for several years now; however Draftopia offers a brand new fast and easy fantasy contest; the only Nation-wide Fantasy Football Lottery!

This lottery format is the future of fantasy sports contests because of its flexibility and large jackpots.   People enjoy the instant payoff of winning in a day rather than waiting the entire season yet they do not want to hassle with drafts or salary caps.  They want to submit their entry into a daily fantasy football contest in 30 seconds or less.  That is exactly what Draftopia provides.  No drafts, no salary caps, no restrictions!

Draftopia makes it drop dead easy for players to create their own fantasy sports lottery ticket.  All you do is pick a Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Defense for the upcoming week.  If each player is the league leader in fantasy points at the end of the week for their position, you win the jackpot!  No more lengthy drafts or complicated salary caps.  No more wasting time setting a lineup for a league that doesn’t fill up like you would at those other daily fantasy sites. 

Go to and select any player at each of the four positions.  That’s right.  A ticket can be Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, and Houston’s Defense.  Next, you pay $1 via the safety and security of Paypal.  All that’s left is to sit back, watch your picks dominate, and collect the weekly jackpot! 

The fantasy sports industry just got a huge shot in the arm and it is all thanks to Draftopia and their Fantasy Football Lottery!