Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Find a Winning Sports Handicapper

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Lots of sports gamblers discover after years of betting that they are best off relying on the assistance of betting professionals, like sports handicappers, than going it alone.

It's not hard to find them, if you are a sport gambling activist. You can find them on the internet, Portals and also some sport books which are promoting "touts". But it seems to be a terrifying proposition on how you go about choosing the right handicapper for your needs.

So how do you determine if a tout is a really good handicapper? How can you stay away from scams? How much must you spend for the best sports picks?

The following lists are all points you should take into account when you are looking for a great sports service. We want to talk about a few ideas so you will not get ripped off by plenty of scammers out there. Keep these outlines in you mind:

1. Avoid handicappers whose stats look "too good to be true" -- they probably are.  Shocking winning percentages of 70, 80 or 90% are just not possible.  A really good win percentage is 60% and that is enough to be successful in your betting strategy.

2. Stay away from those who claim they hold a lock. There is no such thing as a lock in sport gambling.  Anyone that claims they have one is lying to you and likely trying to steal your money.

3. Never buy any picks from those who claim they have "inside information".  This just does not exist in sports betting and once again they are lying to you.

4. Ensure that the person you buy picks from is checked by an unbiased observer. There are so many non-biased sports monitoring service out there.  Ensure the capper is checked by more than one and this information is captured consistently. There is nothing to hide for a verified and real handicapper. Ask him to prove that the records are legitimate.

5. Don't go for high priced cappers. Imagine you discover an excellent capper and you purchase his picks about $3000 dollars for one season and finally the guy would win 32 units that each unit worth $100.  Despite having a fantastic season, your earnings after his fee would only be 200 dollars. If he also provides you with losers, you are out the losers plus the service fee. Consider reasonable services out there who sell their selections for $20 per week or a few hundred bucks a season.

6. Stay away from the sales calls. These are marketing companies. For example they call two persons and provide them with both sides of the line. So it's obvious that one of them will win and in this way they guarantee one out of two and they finish up with a satisfied customer who will get back to them the next day. These kinds of strategies are known as Boiler room operations.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting Ready for Golf Season with a Little Etiquette

Guest Article

What kind of sports is associated with success and confidence in public mind? Is it football? No! May be it is tennis. Definitely, it is not tennis due to all doping scandals. Is it volleyball, basketball, chess, boxing? No, no, and no again! Of course, golf is sports of millionaires. And who would argue with that? This game is associated with the elegance of true gentleman. When we speak about it we imagine slender dandies in polo shirts hitting a ball across the green field trying to drive it into the halls. It seems at first glance that everything is rather simple. However, despite the seeming simplicity, golf is pretty difficult game with its rules and traditions.

Because of its origin this game has very strong gentleman principles, and therefore compliance with special etiquette is very important, its violation can lead to penalties during the game or loss of the whole match. There are three unspoken rules: 1. Play on the field as it is. 2. Play the ball as it lies. 3. If neither one thing nor the other cannot be, act with justice.

No wonder that coaches advise novice players to play this game using not only a club, but a brain. Main qualities of good golfer are not agility and strength, but calculation accuracy, fluency and development of proper blow. All participants of the game get a good mood along with useful physical exertion as a reward for playing.

European golf is subordinated to St. Andrew Old Royal Club, which is also considered to be the main governing body of golf in the world. St. Andrew Club strictly follows the rules interpretation, certification of fields and equipment. Regular attendance of tournaments and trips to resorts are typical pastime of global celebrities. Some famous athletes like Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Michael Jordan even combine various sport activities and show excellent results in parallel sport.

Income of professional golfers is significantly higher than income of famous tennis players. Of course, the total income includes the participation in promotions, but the average annual contract is almost $ 10 million. Every beginner should know the most famous professionals. For example, Katie Vitvors is one of the best golfers of the world, a woman with a record number of victories. And Jack Nicklaus takes the title of the greatest golfer of modern times.

Americans (especially American millionaires) are famous golfers. Today, this game in the United States is controlled by the USGA (United States Golf Association). Perfect courses were created in different states, including Ohio. No wonder that American luxury courses took the leading positions in accordance with Conde Nast Traveler magazine rating of best golf resorts.

The rankings took into account courses design, their level of complexity, professionalism of staff, comfort of rooms and quality of services. Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa took the first place among Texas resorts. It ranked 17th in the world ranking, which includes 100 hotels. Hyatt Regency Hill has 500 rooms, 58 suites and business rooms. Other representatives of Texas, marked in top hundred best resorts, are Westin La Cantera (San Antonio) and Barton Creek Resort and Spa (Austin), which took the 41th and 50th position in the global rankings. Some resorts in Ohio also took places is this rating. So, if you want to practice this game, be sure that you will find high-class facilities in Ohio.

Sandra Harper and Darrel Howard for about Ohio golf facilities and tournaments.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Rockies Look to Reach Their Mile High Goals

The Colorado Rockies have underachieved in recent years, failing to miss the playoffs for four years running. While they face unique challenges competing in the mile high air of Denver, they boast enough talent to compete for a playoff spot in 2014. With a fair amount of roster turnover, the Rockies will run out a talented core this year, which should continue to bring out the Rockies’ passionatefan base.
Last season was a notable year for the Rockies as the face of the franchise, first baseman Todd Helton, took the field for the last time. One of the best hitters of his generation, Helton leaves behind a formidable legacy. Filling the void left at first base will be former American League MVP Justin Morneau. While Morneau may not be quite the same player he was when he was at MVP form, he should provide solid production at the plate, along with veteran leadership.
Forming the foundation of the Rockies are shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and outfielder Carlos González. Among the most talented players in baseball, both have struggled to stay on the field in recent years. If both can stay healthy and produce at their usual rate throughout the 2014 season, it would surprise few to see the Colorado Rockies in the playoffs.
While offense has never been a problem at Coors Field, pitching is another story. The team hopes 2014 is an exception to this, as they feature the makings of perhaps the best rotation in franchise history, with newly-acquired lefty Brett Anderson joining holdovers Jhoulys Chacin, Jorge De La Rosa and Tyler Chatwood. The Rockies also have some very talented arms in their minor league system, highlighted by Jonathan Gray and Eddie Butler. If either of them makes the leap to the major league club in 2014, the future could indeed be bright in Denver.
Baseball in the Rocky Mountains has always been a unique experience, and fielding a successful team is no small task. While the Colorado Rockies have enjoyed some success over the years, in 2014 they hope to get over the hump and become consistent contenders.
About the author – Brent Larsen is a lifetime sports fan. He follows the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, as well as college football, golf, tennis, extreme sports and everything else in the sports realm. Brent writes for several sports blogs during his free time.
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