Thursday, June 26, 2014

PhuketFit Sports & Fitness Programs

Guest Post

“Travel to Thailand if you really want to LIVE”, this is what my friend Sally advised when she saw me struggle with an uncouth body weight, sluggish lifestyle, and on a path to NOWHERE! At the time, I was having a directionless existence and self-confidence below ground zero. When she told me about the existence of PhuketFit, I was naturally incredulous and skeptical at best.

But amazing it may sound, today I am a new person with a 360 degree change in appearance and attitude towards life, all thanks to my friend for her advice and of course – PhuketFit! So, what is it and how it helped me? It is an in-depth Nutrition and Training program aimed at reaching specific health and lifestyle goals scientifically so that the positive benefits stay long after the program ends.

This Fitness Program combines a variety of components for bringing positive changes such as;

Cleansing Procedures
Health Food
Yoga & Fitness Programs

PhuketFit helps you to lose weight, the SCIENTIFIC WAY! First comes, an enlightening guided tour of the establishment and facilities when you reach Thailand. After this, comes one-on-one Holistic Consultation that gave me an idea of the program and helped them to understand my requirements clearly. Do you know the best thing about PhuketFit? It offered a personalized program customized to MY body type and needs, and, naturally, it worked!

The Program
Five Day Cleanse
This involves flushing out the digestive tract with Juice Fast, Raw Food, or Full Fast programs.

Weight Loss
It is a personal training program involving yoga, TRX suspension, and circuit training.
Rejuvenation & Relaxation

I loved my stay in Thailand with its relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere complete with long walks on the beach and activities. These recharged me and gave me the confidence to go on and achieve my fitness goals.

Weight Loss Diet
It was surprising that the weight loss food at the facility was nutritious without being bland or monotonous. NO CRASH DIETS, NO massive restrictions on calorie intake, the program was all about eating right and this achieved REAL results!

No wonder I lost 100 pounds flat, went on from being 18-20 size to an unbelievable 4-6, and turned into a NEW WOMAN altogether. So, when I came back some of my friends couldn’t even recognize me and Sally gushingly said, “I told you so!” Today, I recommend PhuketFit to everybody!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazy About Sports & Fitness?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Quick Tips to Playing Better Tennis

Tennis although a complicated sport, can be mastered by taking gradual steps to improving both technical and tactical gameplay. We’re going to look at 5 quick tips that any player can use to improve their game over time.
Tennis Lessons Sydney ( looks at the following 5 steps in order to become a better player.
1.     Look to be more active between shots: if you’re feet aren’t moving then, you’re going to be hitting shots out of your comfort zone. Make sure you’re on your toes, split stepping between shots so that you’re in position to hit a great job.
2.     Hit the ball out in front of you: if you’re hitting your shots in line with your body, or worse behind your body, you won’t be hitting the stroke in the optimal position. Make sure you hit the ball nicely out in front and also imagine trying to hit the ball earlier than what’s possible.
3.     Keep your head down as you hit the shot – if you’re hitting the shot and lifting during the shot you’re going to frame the ball and make mistakes. By keeping your head steady you’ll hit a much more effective shot that will be more powerful and heavy.
4.     Get down as you hit the shot – make sure you get down by using your legs and bending as you hit the shot. Load-off the back foot and strike through the shot as effectively as you can. By doing this you’ll generate more topspin and hit a very difficult shot for your opponent, which will inevitably push them back in the court.
5.     Play your strengths against their weaknesses – study and identify your opponent as you play. Figure out what their weaknesses are and try to hit to them, using your strengths, such as a forehand to a backhand.
By taking these simple steps, you’ll see drastic improvements in your tennis game; this is because they 5 steps are at the foundational core of being a great tennis player.